Vintage Luggage and Antique Wood Sign

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Vintage luggage or artwork?

There’s something about an old pair of riding boots on top of vintage leather luggage that makes this look like art to me. I am tempted to find an old exposed brick wall, hang an antique wood sign on it and stack some vintage luggage in front of it.

Now I’m not saying to do this in your home, but it does look pretty cool. Someone might ask if I am going on a trip with all that luggage and I would have to say, one day soon. I think the lesson learned is to just find things in your own home and mix them up a bit. Take a risk and put yourself, I mean your stuff, out there. You never know what you might come up with!

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Looks like art to me

Vintage leather riding boots

Vintage leather luggage

In cool colors

Antique wood sign





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