Vintage Lunchroom Table

What’s under the surface is what counts and that’s what makes this vintage lunchroom table a standout. We worry about setting the table and how it will look when not in use. But  this vintage lunchroom table can stand all on it’s own.

I’m obsessed with this vintage lunchroom table. Inspired by vintage tables that were used by factory workers on their lunch breaks, this table is more a work of art than a dining table. We hear don’t judge a book by it’s cover or what lies beneath the surface is what matters and they both apply to this vintage lunchroom table. Forget placing flowers on this table or using any decorative centerpiece because it will only detract from what makes this table so great. It’s all about the base. Yes the metal table top is sleek and nice but the industrial base steals the show. Built with cast iron, industrial bolts and heavy wood beams, this vintage lunchroom table is not ashamed to bare all. Dining tables are usually constructed to mask or hide what holds them together but this table is proud to show it’s underpinnings and it’s strength. You can almost feel how heavy this table is by just looking at it. And did I mention the swivel stools that swing in and out using hinge arms that look like they can support the weight of ten men. Forget the angst of choosing the right dining chair as this vintage table comes fully equipped with six seats. Swing them out to dine and when done swing them right back in. This table has it all. Leave it bare when not in use and this table will add industrial art to your space. Is it time to eat lunch yet.

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vintage lunchroom table
Vintage lunchroom table
vintage lunchroom table
What’s under the surface
vintage lunchroom table
Is what counts
vintage lunchroom table
Lunch is ready