Vintage Marching Band Instruments

Strike up the band for these vintage marching band instruments. I have to admit that I have never been  in a marching band. As a spectator I have watched them on the football field or on the street during a national holiday. Even then they never got my full attention. I was either looking at the players on the sideline or looking for which float was coming next. But I never knew how much went into being a musician in a marching band.

Vintage Marching Band Instruments

First, the basics on a marching band. A group of instrumental musicians that perform while marching that include brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Not hard to follow. Most marching bands wear a uniform that is usually military style and associated with a school or organization’s colors, name or mascot. Still not hard to follow. But did you know that there are different kinds of bands based on their function, instruments and technique. And did you know there are different ways to march. Most bands march the high step of which there are three different styles. The ankle knee step brings the foot up to the inside of the leg to the knee before coming down and forward. The chair step lifts the knee until the thigh is parallel to the ground with the toes pointed downward. When the leg is lifted a ninety degree angle is made between the body and the thigh. Finally there is the extended high step which brings the thigh parallel to the ground but extends the shin outward at a forty five degree angle from the body with toes pointed. And while all this is going on the marcher must swing his instrument horizontally across his or her body. I had no idea so much went into marching in a band. I thought they just played their instruments while marching down the street. Isn’t it hard enough to just play an instrument? I think I will remain a happy spectator. But next time I will pay more attention.

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vintage marching band instruments
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