Vintage Measurement Wall Chart

Track your progress with this vintage measurement wall chart. Made in Stockholm, Sweden, 1889 this vintage wall chart was used to teach the measurement of weight, volume and size. It hung on a classroom wall and when not in use could be rolled up onto the attached wood spindle. But I would use this chart as art on my own wall. It has detail and color that draws the eye in. Not to mention it’s quite large and could fill any empty wall space. And maybe while it’s being used as wall art I might learn a little something about liters and millimeters. Which I was never good at.

Vintage Measurement Wall Chart

It’s important to have goals in life. But goals won’t help you if once established they’re quickly forgotten. It’s all about tracking your progress to achieve your target. That means having a timeframe and where you want to be along that time line. Popular among bodybuilders, they are always measuring some part of their body. Bicep size, waist size and even leg size. Although common, setting goals does not apply solely to the fitness industry. We often think of tracking only in terms of weight loss. But there are goals related to jobs, education and financial savings. Where do I want to be working in two, five or ten years. When will I complete my masters degree and what job do I want when finished. Or there is always do I have enough money to retire. All are important and necessary goals for individuals. But tracking your progress is crucial to success. Write it down, pin it up or set a monthly reminder on your phone. Whatever works for you will lead you to achieve your dreams. Now how many liters are in a gallon?

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vintage measurement wall chart
Track your progress, vintage map 1889



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