Vintage Metal and Wood Slat Chairs

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Pizza or vintage chairs. It’s a hard decision.

We all know Wolfgang Puck has great taste in food but he also has great taste in chairs.

Finally, you can enjoy your pizza in vintage industrial style. Visit the new chain of Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bars and dine in the comfort of our industrial wood slat chairs.

Made of solid metal with a professional rust finish, these chairs add vintage style to each pizza bar space. Don’t miss the reclaimed wood slats that are contoured in the seat and back for added comfort while you enjoy each slice of tasty pizza. These industrial chairs fit nicely under each table and can be used indoors or out. And if the weather turns bad just stack these vintage chairs on top of one another and tuck them neatly away.

So next time you’re in the mood for pizza, go vintage industrial with Wolfgang Puck.

I’ll have a pizza with extra sausage and cheese please.

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Enjoy your pizza

In vintage style

With industrial wood slat chairs

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