Vintage Metal Cage Lights

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You’re not in jail.

But it might feel that way looking through these metal cage lights. Made from industrial strength metal wire, these vintage pendants hold no prisoners. Instead, each light proudly displays the warm glow of a vintage style Edison bulb.

These industrial lights were inspired by vintage dye baskets. Fabric was placed inside the metal cage, the wire door was latched shut and the basket dipped into the color dye of choice. After a few minutes, the metal cage was removed from the dye and the process was complete. Today, the only thing going into these cages is a light bulb. Hang just one pendant over the kitchen sink or hang a dozen over the dining room table. Either way these metal cage lights will add vintage industrial style to your space.

So stay out of jail with these vintage lights. It’s a lot easier looking from the outside in.

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Pendant lights

Built industrial strong

With vintage style

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