Vintage Metal Cans and Glass Bottles

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Think twice before throwing out those old tin cans and vintage glass bottles. They can add real vintage charm to your home when you display them on a table, shelf or mantel.

Vintage metal cans have character. Many were painted in rich warm colors and the cans used for produce or milk had cool packaging labels that remind us of the past. And when the paint is worn or the metal is rusted it makes them all the more desirable. Old glass bottles can be just as cool with their ceramic and metal hinge tops that were great for sealing in the freshness. You just have to figure out how they work first! So here’s to Elsie the cow. Got milk?

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Vintage metal cans and glass bottles

Worn paint on this vintage metal can

Vintage glass bottles in an old wood crate

Cool metal hinge tops on these vintage glass bottles

And I like the wood shelf too

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