Vintage Metal Retro Signs

Vintage metal retro signs might be one man’s trash but it’s another man’s treasure. I love these distressed metal signs but I can see why they could be mistaken for trash. At first glance I see a multitude of rusted metal spots. Paint chips, cracks and dents. Some beyond repair that not even a can of Rustoleum could fix. but I think the rust only adds to the vintage charm of these old signs.

Vintage Metal Retro Signs

First, I’m a sucker for rust. I like the brownish orange color and the texture it gives to an otherwise flat boring surface. I know there’s a picture on these signs but the rust makes you look closer where normally you may just walk on by. More importantly, the age of the signs tells a story. Where had these signs been in their previous life. Hanging over the pumps in an old gasoline station or in a car repair shop where mechanics are changing a tire. They speak to a life gone by. A life that’s been replaced with neon signs, electronic signs and more generic less colorful signs. Maybe it’s just me but I would hang any of these vintage signs in my own home. Kitchen, den or even the bedroom. A can of Rustoleum, no thanks.

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vintage metal signs
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure



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