Vintage Metal School Chair

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There once was a little boy.

And he went to school every day. But the little boy didn’t like going to school. It’s not that he didn’t do well in school. In fact, he really liked math and he especially liked to read.

So every day the little boy took the school bus and when he got to school he sat at his little metal desk in his little metal school chair. And even when all the other boys were running around the classroom, he sat quietly at his little metal desk in his little metal school chair. But it was Friday that made the little boy not like school.

Every Friday, the school teacher would ask all the boys what they wanted to be when they grew up. Going around the room, each boy would proudly yell out astronaut, doctor, lawyer, or mechanic. But when it came to this little boy, he would say that he didn’t want to grow up. He was having too much fun being who he was right now. And every time the teacher asked, the little boy would say the same thing, he didn’t want to grow up.

Finally, the school teacher made the little boy take his little metal school chair and sit in the corner. And so every Friday, the little boy sat in the corner in his little metal school chair. The school teacher never gave up asking and the little boy never gave up answering that very same way.

Years later, when the little boy finished school and was all grown up, he thought a lot about that little metal school chair. He just couldn’t help thinking about his teacher and that chair. Today, the once little boy doesn’t have an occupation, a job, or even a career, but he sure likes what he’s doing. What does he do you might ask? I don’t know but he sure doesn’t miss that little metal school chair!

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Back to school

With a little metal chair

A little metal desk

And a few scratches

Don’t sit in the corner!

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