Vintage Metal School Locker with Table and Chairs

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Pile on!

I am so tempted to take some of my favorite vintage finds and just pile them up in my home. We group collections of found objects like bottles or vintage cans so why not furniture.

I know it would look a little odd with a vintage metal chair on top of an old rusted metal table but I think they look great. Take an industrial metal school locker as a back drop with a vintage table and a few chairs and you have a real vintage display. This school locker is vintage and made of heavy industrial metal. I like the worn metal and think this would look cool in a bedroom or den. Some folks don’t like rust but I’m crazy about this industrial table. It’s been painted more than a few times, like the chairs, and probably left outside in the rain more than twice. It’s rusted and it’s unique and can be used any where in the home. So next time you put your favorite vintage things out for display, try moving some furniture around. But your family might worry if you start stacking chairs on tables!

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Vintage industrial furniture

Vintage metal chairs

With vintage metal table

All stacked up

Great metal rust finish

And great metal school locker

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