Vintage Metal Signs

I hope you can read the Polish writing on these vintage metal signs or you could be in big trouble. Good thing I have my Google translator because now I know not to touch the electric appliances. The skull and cross bones is probably enough warning. The universal symbol to beware or proceed with caution. But it’s always best to know exactly what the sign says.

Vintage Metal Signs

Where would we be today without signs. Giving it some thought, our lives are dictated by the signs that cross our paths every day. Driving our cars we stop at the red hexagon sign, we watch for pedestrians crossing the road and we obey the speed limit based on the numbers posted on the side of the road. We look for the lowest price on signs to choose the gas that fuels our cars and the food to feed our families. In fact, if you drive down any road or highway you would be surprised at how many signs we take for granted. Driving right by they seem to blend in with the hardscape of our cities. We even have signs in our homes related to everyday consumer products. Signs of caution surround us related to what is not ingestible, what not to wash, what to avoid and the list goes on. As humans we are drawn to touch the things we see. We like to feel the fabric of a new shirt between our fingers before making the purchase. We like to run our fingers along the high gloss paint of a new car in the showroom. So it’s no surprise that we need to read Do Not Touch on these vintage metal signs to avoid an unpleasant outcome. Even if it means getting a translator. It’s just a sign of the times.

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vintage metal signs
Do Not Touch!



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