Vintage Metal Signs

These vintage metal signs were obviously made before there was Rustoleum. But I like the rust. It makes them vintage and more visually interesting. It also means they had a prior life and a past. It makes you think where they were and what they saw.. A vintage BP Motor sign probably saw gas prices under a dollar a gallon. A vintage Michelin Tire sign was around before seat belts were mandatory in every car and most likely before steel belted tires were invented. Yes these vintage metal signs have a history and that’s what makes me want to hang them on the wall. Perfect for the man cave but I would hang them on anywhere in my home.

Vintage Metal Signs

In 1921, Robert Fergusson spilled raw fish oil on his metal fishing deck. After some time he noticed that the rust on his deck stopped corroding and spreading where he had spilled the fish oil. He then founded the company Rustoleum using whale oil to stop rust corrosion. Rustoleum no longer uses whale oil but they have become a major manufacturer of protective paints for home and industrial use. Rustoleum remained in the Fergusson family until 1994 when they were bought by RPM International Inc. In 2015, the company reached one billion dollars in sales revenue. Rustoleum now holds the top position in the US and Canada for selling rust protective painting products. Who would have thought that it all started with a simple spill of fish oil. But I still like the rust on these vintage metal signs.

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vintage metal signs
Vintage metal signs



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