Vintage Metal Wall Clock

It’s not Big Ben but this is a big vintage metal wall clock. In this case, I think bigger is better. So often we see a clock hanging on the wall and it almost always just disappears. There is usually something else on the wall like a mirror and a few pictures. It all may look nice but it’s also expected and somewhat ordinary. But hang a clock this size on the wall and there is no need for anything else. It speaks for itself and makes a statement, extraordinary.

Vintage Metal Wall Clock

So where did the nickname Big Ben come from. It is a subject of debate and no one is exactly sure. Some say it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall who installed the Great Bell and others say it was named after the English heavyweight boxing champion, Benjamin Caunt. Unfortunately, we may never know the true origin but one thing is for sure. The nickname Big Ben isn’t going anywhere.

Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock which stands at the north end of Westminster Palace in London. Although the Great Bell is only one component of the Clock Tower, Big Ben is a reference to the entire assembly. Clock, bells, chimes and tower combined. The tower was designed by Augustus Pugin and was completed back in 1859. At that time, it was the largest and most accurate four faced striking clock in the world. The tower stands 315 feet tall with 334 steps to the belfry and the dials are 23 feet in diameter. That is one big clock. A bit too large for this wall. The clock is hand wound three times a week and oddly, single pennies are used on top of the mechanism to adjust the actual time. Each penny will affect the time by about half a second. Who knew that a tiny little penny could have such an impact on this enormous clock. It’s safe to say, no pennies needed on this clock. Big Ben move over.

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vintage metal wall clock
Move over Big Ben



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