Vintage Metal Wall Clock

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Does any one know what time it is?

Don’t look at these clocks because they won’t help you. They don’t work anymore but who cares when a clock can look this good!

Made from solid metal, it’s hard for a vintage clock to not rust and still keep time. I like the rust and distressed paint finish on these vintage clocks. Perfect for any big wall, these clocks will not only stop time but stop you in your tracks. They’re done working hard and the hands on these clocks are ready for some time off, literally. Whether they tell time or not, vintage clocks make a great wall display. Hang a clock over the mantel, sideboard or just alone on an empty wall.

So shop vintage for your next wall clock. But don’t throw away your wristwatch!

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Old father time

The hands of time

Time off for good behavior

The face of time

Time will tell

Time out!

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