Vintage Metal Wire Baskets

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Fill’er up!

Not the gas tank, your vintage metal baskets.

Vintage metal wire baskets are meant to work. They are great for display but they need to feel useful and appreciated. So what better way to satisfy hard working baskets than to fill them up. Wire baskets are a great storage alternative to standard boxes and containers. Baskets can hold clothing and toys in the closet but they look great holding bottles, books and even burlap pillows in the kitchen or living room. Vintage baskets add industrial style to any space and they will be happy to share the load. So next time you want to get organized, get wired and get some vintage metal baskets.

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Industrial basket

With a vintage metal finish

Filled with books

More books

More baskets

Filled with burlap pillows

More pillows

Bottles of wine

And more baskets

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