Vintage Metal Wire Gym Baskets

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Remember gym class?

Not one of my favorite classes when it was first period of the day.

Just got dressed for school and now had to change again for gym class. Back in the day, gym clothes were stored in metal wire baskets similar to these. A combination lock, gray shorts and top and you were set to take the court inside or the field outside.

Made from heavy metal with a gray finish, these vintage wire baskets could take the wear and tear of everyday use from gym class. Today, these vintage baskets have moved from the school to the home and are used as a cool alternative to traditional storage containers. Use these baskets in the bedroom to store toys, in the living room for books or the mud room for shoes. Any way you decide to use these vintage metal baskets, they will add vintage style to your space.

So next time you shop for wire baskets, be glad you don’t have to change for gym class!

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Vintage gym baskets

Once used in school

For gym class

And now used in the home for storage

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