Vintage Metal Wire Wall Shelf

Vintage metal wire wall shelf or clothes dryer. Maybe both.

When you don’t have enough room on the floor for storage a wall shelf is the next best thing. We store our clothes in dressers, bath towels in closets and books on bookshelves. But sometimes there’s just not enough space on the floor for cabinets and large pieces of furniture. That’s when the four walls in our rooms become more than just walls to hang mirrors and paintings. Made from industrial metal with an vintage gray finish, this wire shelf is the perfect size to hang on any wall. Hang this metal wire wall shelf by the back door for coats and hats, in the den for books and office supplies or in the bathroom for towels and cosmetics. Any way you hang this shelf it will provide storage without using up precious floor space while adding vintage style to your room .

Are those pants dry yet?

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Vintage metal wire wall shelf

Or clothes dryer

Maybe both

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