Vintage Military Hats

Hats off to our military for their brave service and particularly their vintage military hats. In one glance you realize that hats just aren’t what they used to be. Decked out in yellow and red ribbons with a glaring gold medallion in the center, these vintage military hats are anything but subtle. Nor should they be. The police and military forces always wore hats with matching uniforms. It made them easily recognizable and just what’s needed in an emergency. One look into a crowded street and you can find a police officer with this hat. Unfortunately, today’s police and armed forces no longer wear hats on a regular basis. Instead, it’s saved for the pomp and circumstance of special events and award ceremonies. I think they should come back.

Vintage Military Hats

People just don’t wear hats any more. Back in the Victorian era, both men and women wore hats on a daily basis. You didn’t leave the house without one. Men had less choices and basically wore the same two hats every day. But women wore a different hat every day. It was unheard of to be caught in the same hat from the day before. It was all about fashion. And the military were the same. Hats were ornately decorated and matched the uniform of the day. It was easy to detect the police and military by the hats they wore. Today, we have to settle for a warm knit hat that fits snug to our heads. It’s worn mostly in the winter months which is fine by me. I never looked good in hats so it’s a good thing I never joined the armed forces. And I’m not a fan of hat head. Hands off the hair please.

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vintage military hats
Hats off to our military



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