Vintage Mochet Antique Car

Believe it or not this vintage Mochet antique car started out as a bicycle. It’s also my new favorite vintage find. If you look hard enough you will fall in love with the unexpected. Hunting for vintage factory parts, sprockets and gears, I was coming up empty handed. My nose was to the grindstone and I was on a mission. So much that I almost missed this vintage car all together. Of course it wasn’t on display as in this photo. It was buried among other treasures. At first, I didn’t even realize it’s size as I couldn’t see it all. Is that a wheel, a hood, a windshield. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a car, with a convertible top no less, in my favorite color blue.

Vintage Mochet Antique Car

It’s called a Velocar which was built in France back in 1956.  The Latin definition means fast, rapid and swift. Given the advances we’ve had in technology, I don’t think we would consider this vintage vehicle to be fast. But back in the day this Velocar was a cool little speed demon. George Mochet was the designer of this car but it all started with the bicycle. Moche inherited his father’s business which produced children’s pedal cars. Most of us can remember pushing a pedal car with our feet as a child. But George Mochet soon turned the business into cycle cars. They looked like cars but you still had to pedal them. They were called also called micro-cars. Soon thereafter, Mochet began to power the cars with small single cylinder engines that were installed both in the front and back to power all four wheels. This was called the Velocar and my vintage car is the shining example. It beats pushing those pedals. Keys please.

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vintage Mochet antique car
My new favorite vintage find



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