Vintage Motocross Oil Painting

I can feel the wind in my face now looking at this vintage motocross oil painting. I break away from the pack right from the start. Getting a substantial lead I approach the first bend. Feeling in total control I decide to accelerate and take the turn like a pro. Hugging my motocross bike and the road I take off like the wind. No one near, it’s just me and the road. Speeding down the straightway I gain even more speed. The mountains, sky and the wind I don’t even notice the crowds that have gathered along each side of the road. The whining sound of my bike has drowned out all sound. But I can see at a glance that the crowds are cheering. Flags and hands are leading me on. Is it possible that victory is so close. To be the champion biker of the international motocross. I forge ahead.

I notice that the pack is gaining on me. I can hear the acceleration of speed and engines getting closer. I look in my rear mirror and one biker is right on my tail. I take a sharp turn. He’s still there. I take another one in full throttle. Can’t lose him. He’s like my shadow and follows my every move. I decide to swing side to side to prevent him from passing me. I see the finish line ahead. Can it be true. Will I finish first. It’s a fight to the finish. He makes his move to pass.

Now get your own motocross oil painting and find out how this race ends.

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vintage motocross oil painting
It’s a fight to the finish



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