Vintage Motocross Wall Paintings

Pimp my ride or pimp my house with a set of these vintage motocross wall paintings. That’s right, pimp out your home with these colorful, over sized motorcycle paintings. Painted in oil on a reclaimed metal canvas, these paintings are ready to take center stage in your den, man cave or even the pimped out garage. No need to hire a mechanic or buy parts because these works of art are ready to add vintage industrial style to your space.

Vintage Motocross Wall Paintings

Pimp My Ride was a popular TV series produced by MTV that ran for six seasons from 2004 to 2009. Each episode consisted of taking one car in poor condition and transforming it to better than new with customized parts and over the top enhancements. The guest host would show up at the owners home to check out the vehicle, make wisecrack remarks as to it’s poor condition, and leave with the promise to completely makeover the car. In total, the show transformed over 70 vehicles and started a new trend for shows portraying vehicle makeovers. Monster Garage, Nascar Angels, Overhauling and Trick my Truck to name a few. The American show’s popularity also spread worldwide with Pimp my Car Indonesia, Pimp my Wheels Italy and Men & Motors Great Britain. Unfortunately, some say all good things must come to an end which happened when MTV and Coast Customs decided to part ways. The good thing is that these paintings are more loyal. Once you hang them up they’re not going anywhere. Hand me a hammer and nail please.

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vintage motocross wall paintings
Pimp out your living room with Motocross Wall Art



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