Vintage Motorbike Wall Paintings

It’s the symmetry with this display of vintage motorbike wall paintings that makes this room stand out from the crowd. If these paintings were hanging on the wall by themselves you would probably walk by without taking a second look. You wouldn’t see a speedway of vintage motorcycles racing through the countryside. Or the speed and determination in the men on their bikes. You can almost feel the wind in their faces and the sweat on their brow. It feels like we’re there and we know it’s going to be a close call at the finish line. The symmetry these paintings combined with the placement of furniture makes this entire wall the focal point of the room.

Vintage Motorbike Wall Paintings

Symmetry is defined as the quality being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis. Or in simpler terms, an object has reflectional symmetry if there is a line going through it which divides it into two pieces which are mirror images of each other. In this case, the line would go directly through the middle of these vintage paintings. Symmetry is created on this wall with the placement of like items on each side of the painting. First, the wall is grounded with an over sized sofa and side chairs flanking the collection of paintings. Then a large coffee table is placed in between to ground the seating areas. Take note that scale is important with this space given the large size of the room and the paintings. Next, the sofa is flanked with a matching floor lamp, again an over sized light fixture. Lastly, two substantially large mirrors are hung on each side that add not only symmetry but the perception of depth to the space. Each piece alone might not get your attention but grouped together make this space a checkered flag winner!

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vintage motorbike wall paintings
Perfect Symmetry



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