Vintage NYC Plane Painting

View the building skyline with this vintage NYC plane painting. If you live in New York City you never get a chance to see your own skyline. However, the view is great across the river from New Jersey or Brooklyn. The skyline can also be admired while flying over the city and landing in Newark, LaGuardia or JFK airports. If travel plans are not in your near future you can always get a view of lower Manhattan with this painting of a vintage plane flying over New York City. Painted on an over sized cloth canvas, this painting is big just like the friendly skies.

Vintage NYC Plane Painting

This plane is preparing to land and in the background stand three proud, tall buildings; 40 Wall Street, American International and 20 Exchange Place. All buildings are at the heart of Wall Street and at one time or another competed for the tallest building in New York City. In a race to build the world’s tallest building, architect Craig Severance designed 40 Wall Street back in 1929. It was designed to be 927 feet tall located in the center of the financial district. It was 135 feet taller than the gothic Woolworth building which was built a decade earlier. But 40 Wall Street was also designed to beat out the Chrysler Building by a whopping two feet in height. When completed a year later, 40 Wall Street held the trophy for the tallest building until shortly after when the Chrysler Building built a 185 foot tower on top and regained the first place as the tallest building on earth. Today 40 Wall Street ranks only 33rd as the tallest building. All things must come to an end but fortunately, we can still admire these buildings in this plane flying over New York City.

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vintage nyc plane painting
Fly the friendly skies, circa 1960



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