Vintage Oak Wood Dining Table

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It’s 5:00 do you know where your Machinist is?

He’s probably working at an oak table just like this one.

A machinist is a person who uses machine tools to make manufacturing parts that are usually made from metal. This generally requires heavy machines to cut away excess material similar to a wood carver that cuts away excess wood. And these machines would require a heavy and strong table just like this one.

Made with a thick oak wood top and a solid metal base, this dining table is certainly fit for a Machinist. Measuring over 7 feet long and weighing in at 300 pounds, this oak wood dining table can hold a lot of machines. But this oak table would look right at home in the kitchen or dining room holding your everyday dinnerware or dressed up with your best china. Use this table in either room and it will add vintage industrial style to your space.

Now where is that Machinist?

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It’s 5:00

Do you know where your Machinist is?

Vintage industrial dining table

Made with a solid metal base

And an oak wood top

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