Vintage Paper Mache Mannequin

Body sculpting or a vintage paper mache mannequin. There are a lot of gimmicks out there to improve your body shape without going to the gym or breaking a sweat. You see them on TV all the time and and some are even promoted by doctors. But this is the latest craze and it’s called Paper Mache Sculpting. First, paper mache is a French term meaning chewed up paper. But it’s also used to describe a crafting material made from paper and paste. Paper mache projects traditionally cover an object with strips of paper and paste. When the paper dries the object can be removed or painted and decorated. This art form has been around for thousands of years and was used by the Ancient Egyptians to create masks and the Persians made bowls and trays with it.

Vintage Paper Mache Mannequin

Now for the revolutionary new process called Paper Mache Sculpting. It’s not difficult but a little time consuming and you can drastically change your body type within the time it takes for paper to dry. Cut up large pieces of newspaper and in a bowl mix two parts wallpaper paste with one part water. Stir until fully blended. Disrobe in front of a mirror and gently dip the strips of paper into the paste mixture. Carefully apply the strips of wet paper onto the body part that you would most like changed. Each stip will redefine your body and create the body of your dreams. Make sure that the paper strips overlap slightly and do not over apply. You don’t want too much change in one session. When completed, dry the strips of paper with a hand held hair dryer. Use caution not to drop the hair dryer into the paste bowl. Once dry you’re ready to get dressed and hit the town. And if you believe any of this you’re as smart as this mannequin.

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vintage paper mache mannequin
Body scultping or paper mache mannequin?



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