Vintage Pedal Pusher Toy Cars

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Grownups can have toys too.

Vintage pedal pusher toy cars were once on every kid’s wish list. And those that were lucky enough to get one, pedaled their hearts out.

Vintage toys or furniture usually reflect their age with distressing, cracks and rust. But vintage isn’t always about the natural beauty of a wood or metal finish. Vintage is about the memories. The smell of homemade pies coming from the kitchen, the taste of whole milk left at the front door or fresh potato chips delivered to your home. It could be a vintage wood rolling pin, a galvanized steel milk box or an old tin that brings back memories that make us feel good. And who doesn’t want to feel good?

So shop vintage and get yourself a memory. Now get pedaling!

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Vintage pedal pusher toy cars

There are red ones

And black ones

With headlights


And even spoke wheels.

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