Vintage Pendant Lighting

Since when are vintage umbrella stands pendant lighting.

Until right now. Take a collection of vintage artifacts and see how easy it is to transform them into pendant lighting. If you want your space to stand out and be remembered get creative with your lighting. You may not realize it but lighting is the first thing we notice when walking into a room. Particularly in a commercial space like a restaurant, unique lighting like these vintage pendants will set the mood. And we all know that a successful restaurant is not only about the good food but the vibe set by the interior decor. We always notice what is on the walls, the seating and the lighting. Hopefully, it doesn’t remind us of sitting in our own kitchen because we wanted to get out of the house. So just how easy is it to turn a vintage umbrella stand into a pendant light. Apparently very easy. Turn these metal stands upside down, thread a wire through the center and add a vintage light bulb. Of course an electrician would be helpful to hard wire them into the ceiling but the light itself is not difficult to make. And don’t be afraid to hang just one or a row of vintage pendants over the bar counter. Instead, make them the focal point of the room and cluster a lot of pendants together in the center of the ceiling. It will definitely set a cool vintage vibe for your space. Let’s just hope no one tries to use them for their wet umbrellas.

Today’s forecast calls for clear and sunny skies.

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vintage pendant lighting
Vintage umbrella stands
vintage pendant lighting
Or pendant lighting
vintage pendant lighting
How about both
vintage pendant lighting
Let’s hope it doesn’t rain