Vintage Perforated Metal Wire Gym Baskets

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Gym class or wire storage baskets?

I liked gym class but I liked it even more when it rained because we got to stay inside and play bombardment. Wow sometimes that ball could hurt! And we always kept our gym clothes in baskets that were made from wire and perforated metal.

Today these metal gym baskets are vintage and in high demand. These baskets are great for storage in the home because they can hold just about anything. But I think I like these baskets best just stacked on top of one another with nothing in them. Sometimes you just have to make a statement. Art or just gym baskets? You decide.

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Vintage perforated metal wire gym baskets

Look great stacked

I like the galvanized table top too

Vintage rusted metal

And heavy wire

I should have kept my gym basket!

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