Vintage Pipes and Industrial Furniture

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Leaky faucet?

Fix it but don’t throw out the old pipes!

Vintage industrial furniture needs home accessories that are industrial too. Made from aged wood and heavy metal, industrial furniture can add real vintage style to any space. But it needs accent pieces that are also similar in style and materials. Lamps, artwork and even pillows can compliment the industrial feel of your room. But they need to be vintage or made from industrial metal, reclaimed wood and recycled glass.

Who would think that old industrial pipes like these could be repurposed into art sculptures for the home. Place these old plumbing parts on the table or hang them on a wall. Either way, they will bring industrial style to any room. These vintage pipes have been salvaged from an old factory, cleaned and polished to look like new, and now ready to accessorize any industrial space. So next time you go shopping for vintage industrial furniture, don’t forget the accents and maybe they’re in your own home! Drip, drip. drip.

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Industrial pipes

In the living room

Made from heavy metal

With vintage style

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