Vintage Plane Wall Painting

The next best thing to flying is this vintage plane wall painting on reclaimed metal. Flying isn’t easy anyway. Getting to the airport, waiting in security lines and sitting on a crowded plane. It’s a lot easier to sit on my sofa and admire this cool painting.

Vintage Plane Wall Painting

Long gone are the days of hot meals and drinks on your airline flight. Were they really that good anyway. After hitting the road before daylight, long lines at check in and standing forever with your shoes off in a security line, airline food starts to not look that bad. Surprising what you will eat when tired and hungry. Let me eat those cold processed mashed potatoes. Forget the food, these days it’s all about the carry on luggage and extra fees. Get the lowest fare possible with the least amount of stop overs. But we can dream of cross Atlantic flights with gourmet meals, warm blankets, soft pillows and courteous flight attendants. That’s why we like this over sized airplane painting. Hand painted in oil on reclaimed metal that shows it’s age, this is one big painting. If you can’t get on the next flight to your dream destination this painting might be the next best thing. Hang this painting over the sofa or make a landing strip in the middle of your den. This plane is not life sized but it’s big enough to fill an empty wall. Either way you can dream of a soft landing and waking up in the comfort of your own home. It’s a lot easier than finding your lost baggage.

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vintage plane wall painting
The next best thing to flying



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