Vintage Porcelain Pendant Lights

It was raining men in 1982 and now it’s raining pendants with these vintage porcelain pendant lights. Move over Weather Girls there’s a new kid on the block. The hit song It’s Raining Men was first offered to Diana Ross, Cher and then Barbara Streisand but they all turned it down. Little did they know that Martha Wash and Izora Armstead of the Weather Girls would sell over 6 million copies of the hit song. I really like the song too but find myself not listening when I see these vintage porcelain pendant lights.

Vintage Porcelain Pendant Lights

Inspired by an old fashioned mortar and pestle set used by pharmacists to mix and prepare medicine, these pendants look like the club shaped handle that was used to crush and grind. But these pendants are not mixing up medicine for waiting patients. Made from industrial strength porcelain, the wire on each pendant can be adjusted to varying lengths to look like falling rain. Create a waterfall of pendants over your dining room table, the bar in the man cave or add drama to the front entry of your home. Or just hang one pendant over the kitchen sink or a row of pendants over the kitchen island. Either way these vintage porcelain pendant lights will add visual interest and plenty of light with brightly lit rain drops. If you ever need to mix up some medicine, you’ll always have a pestle on hand. You’re on your own to find the mortar bowl.

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vintage porcelain pendant lights
It’s raining pendant lights



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