Vintage Porthole Wall Mirrors

House of mirrors or vintage porthole wall mirrors. This wall of mirrors reminds me of my childhood when we would go to the local town fair and walk through the fun house. It always had a room full of mirrors and it was never easy to find your way out.

Vintage Porthole Wall Mirrors

The House of Mirrors that we often see in amusement parks originated from the hall of mirrors in The Palace of Versailles. Upon visiting France back in the 1600’s and arriving at The Palace, Peter Stuyvvesant was amazed at the Hall of Mirrors and wanted to recreate his own. On his return home he founded his own house of mirrors and began charging admission in 1651. It gained in popularity and the concept of mirrored walls soon spread to fairs and amusement parks. The basic concept was to create a maze like puzzle of mirrors that fair goers had to walk through and find their own way out. Mirrors and glass panes were presented as obstacles as well as the shape of the glass itself. Sometimes the mirrors were convex or concave which would distort reflections and make the puzzle even more confusing and often funny.

Now you can create your own house of mirrors with these porthole mirrors. Made with heavy industrial steel with a natural aged finish, these mirrors will add visual interest and size to your room. Of course you can hang one mirror over the console or buffet but hang a lot of mirrors together and you have a one of a kind wall display. It may not be a house of mirrors but you don’t want to start charging admission to your home. Now help me find my way out of here.

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vintage porthole wall mirrors
House of Mirrors



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