Vintage Racing Car Oil Painting

A man and his car depicted in this vintage racing car oil painting. Perfect together. There’s always been a fascination between a man and his car. From that first drivers license men have wanted a car that reflects them and their personal style. More often than not, it’s a muscle car, a two door and definitely not the family car. Unfortunately, statistics show that once a man is married it’s usually the woman than makes the decision in purchasing the family car. Sometimes it’s a sedan but often it results in the dreaded minivan. More doors, more seats and more room for the growing family wins out over the husband hanging onto his manhood. Fortunately, car design and manufacturers in the 21st century have found a way to help out the modern man. The square minivan has been transformed into a sports utility vehicle that makes everyone happy. A bit sleeker, more luxurious and equipped with all the amenities. But it seems that man still holds onto the dream that one day he can afford another car or even a third that can be the car of his dreams. A car that is meant for only him to drive. Hands off kids because this is Dad’s car.

Vintage Racing Car Oil Painting

This vintage racing car oil painting depicts man in his favorite room of the house. In the garage alone with his car. Not a minivan or an all wheel drive car. It’s a vintage racing car. His dream of driving on the open road has come true. Driving as fast as he can with no one in sight. No passengers, top down, feeling the wind in his hair. Free from work, chores and worries that are put aside for this special time. Free to hold onto the wheel, guide the car where he wants it to go. Accelerate in the stretch and decelerate around the curves. Short lived but worth the effort and ready to do it all over again next weekend. Catch the feeling. Did you think this was just a vintage racing car oil painting.

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vintage racing car oil painting
A man and his car



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