Vintage Reclaimed Wood Chandelier

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Birdcage or vintage wood chandelier?

The trees might make this look like a birdcage but it’s really a vintage chandelier.

Made from reclaimed wood found on the beach, better known as driftwood, this chandelier is ready to leave the beach behind and rest in the comfort of your home. These branches have been pieced and glued together to form the shape of a vintage lantern. And to light the way, a trio of vintage chandelier bulbs have been bound together with natural jute. It doesn’t get more green than this.

Hang this chandelier over the dining table or make a grand entrance in the foyer. Any where you hang this chandelier it will be environmentally friendly and add vintage style to your space. If you have a few birds, they may like it too!

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Or chandelier

Made from driftwood

And natural jute

Where are the birds?

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