Vintage Reclaimed Wood Mirrors

Tongue depressors or vintage reclaimed wood mirrors. I think they might be both. There are lots of things that you could make with tongue depressors. In fact, there is a whole industry on tongue depressor DIY projects. Birdhouses, picture frames and card holders are all made using them. But I never thought of making mirrors from these little wood sticks. Just goes to show you what a little imagination do. I like this display of vintage mirrors but the head I can probably do without.

Vintage Reclaimed Wood Mirrors

Some history on the tongue depressor. It’s actually considered a tool more commonly used in the medical practice. It depresses the tongue to allow a doctor to examine the mouth and throat. I think we can all relate to that at one time or another in our lives. The depressor is a thin, flat wooden blade that is smoothed and rounded at both ends. For obvious reasons. They are inexpensive to make but difficult to clean. So wood tongue depressors are labeled for disposal after a single use. Unless of course you are using them to build a birdhouse. Or in this case a wood mirror. Then you would be called a hobbyist and your wood tool would be called a craft stick. Sounds a bit more professional. But I like them on these vintage reclaimed wood mirrors. Now stick out your tongue and say ahh.

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vintage reclaimed wood mirrors
Tongue depressors or vintage reclaimed wood mirrors



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