Vintage Renault Wall Painting

If you can’t get to the beach enjoy this vintage Renault wall painting all year long. Pretend that you’re driving your Renault up and down this beautiful shore line. Beach, sand, the sun and a warm breeze. Who could ask for more. Well, maybe a stroll down memory lane with this vintage wagon.

Vintage Renault Wall Painting

The Renault 4 Wagon began with just an idea. Back in 1956, Pierre Dreyfus saw that times were changing to a more comfortable way of life. He recognized that the relaxed blue jeans which we commonly take for granted were being worn across the world. People were trading in their formal pants for the comfortable worn fabric known as denim. So the Renault Wagon was initially nicknamed the blue jeans car. Similar to blue jeans, the wagon would be an inexpensive, versatile car that would match the changing times of society in the 1960’s. Pierre Dreyfus was right. The low running costs, the ability to adapt to all types of use and a cool interior made the Renault 4 Wagon an instant success. Within just six years, production of the new Renault exceeded one million in sales. Over 30 years, Renault production topped 8 million in sales. To think it all started with a pair of blue jeans.

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vintage Renault wall painting
Vintage Renault Wall Painting




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