Vintage Roller Skates

If this pair of vintage roller skates are vintage does that make me vintage? Guilty as charged. I will admit that I remember strapping up a pair of skates just like these. No elbow pads, no knee pads and definitely no helmet. Yes it did hurt sometimes when hitting the pavement. But it was fun. Yes we liked to ride our bikes but roller skates were fun too. Which reminds me of my favorite roller skate song.

Vintage Roller Skates

The official title was Brand New Key. Written and sung by folk music singer Melanie. It was her biggest hit climbing to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles back in December of 1971. The song is basically about a young girl with roller skates trying to attract the attention of a boy. There have been other interpretations of the song including Freudian symbolism with the lock and key. But Melanie explained the meaning behind the song best. She had been fasting for 27 days to lose weight and one day broke down from the smell of a nearby McDonalds. That will do it. She went in and while eating a burger and fries recalled early days with her father teaching her how to roller skate. That night she wrote the song in 15 minutes as an old type of ballad. I like this story better. Now back to these vintage roller skates. Does anyone know where I left my key?

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vintage roller skates
I have a brand new key



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