Vintage Rotary Phones and Industrial Furniture

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Dialing 911.

Wouldn’t be so easy with a vintage rotary phone. Then again, there was no 911 back in the 1960’s. But if there had been, it might have been 111 because who would have the time to wait for number 9 to dial.

These vintage phones were a common staple to every mid century home and today they would fit right in with 21st century interior design. And of course these phones came in the ever popular avocado green. Back then it was very easy to be green.

Vintage finds are a great accent to vintage industrial furniture. Display these vintage rotary phones on an industrial bookcase or a vintage console. Or use them in the front foyer or den and they will be sure to start conversation with friends and family.

This vintage emergency is now over.

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Dialing 911

Wouldn’t be easy

With vintage rotary phones

It was easy being green

Now where’s my cell phone!

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