Vintage Round Iron Frame Wall Mirror

Double your pleasure and double your fun with these vintage round iron frame mirrors.

Chewing gum can be fun especially if it’s one of your favorite flavors. But the fun doesn’t last long because gum has a short life expectancy that ends on a sidewalk or under a park bench somewhere. That’s why I would choose these vintage round mirrors over a pack of gum any day. These mirrors aren’t edible but they will be around a lot longer than a stick of gum. Made with a solid iron frame, these mirrors can hang on any wall in your home. And don’t hang just one round mirror on the wall. Double your pleasure and hang two mirrors on the wall. Over the sofa or behind the wet bar, these mirrors will add vintage style to your room.

Now please get this gum off the bottom of my shoe.

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Double your pleasure

And double your fun

With these vintage round mirrors

Beats chewing gum

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