Vintage Ruler Pendant Lights

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Does anyone use a ruler any more?

I won’t even mention a yardstick. If you’re part of the generation Y or Z crowd, you most likely have never seen a wood ruler let alone used one. But back in the day, we all went to school fully equipped with our pencils and rulers. And sometimes some Crayola crayons as well.

So take some long forgotten vintage rulers and reinvent them into very cool pendant lights. Vintage wood rulers with their calibrations still in tact have been attached to a metal frame to create one of a kind vintage pendants. These lights would look great over the kitchen table or above the work desk in a child’s bedroom. Hang these pendants low, high or in a cluster and they will add whimsy and vintage charm to your space.

Now how many inches are there in a yardstick?

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Vintage rulers

And yardsticks

Have been reinvented

Into some very cool

Vintage pendant lights

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