Vintage Sailboat Oil Painting

Set sail with this vintage sailboat oil painting or sit on the sofa. How about both. It’s a lot easier to sit on the sofa and look at this painting than taking to the high seas. This is a nice painting but it’s actually a schooner. That’s right, it’s vintage. Back in the day the first sailboats were schooners.

Vintage Sailboat Oil Painting

Schooners originated in the late 17th century and could have up to seven masts. But the typical schooner had only two masts with the foremast shorter than the mainmast. Schooners were used to carry cargo on different bodies of water from ocean voyages to coastal runs and even on large lakes. Popular in North America, more than 2,000 schooners once carried cargo on the Great Lakes. The first schooner was built by Andrew Robinson and launched in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Legend has it that a spectator explained ‘oh how she scoons’, a Scottish word meaning to skip along the surface of the water. And Robinson replied ‘a schooner it shall be.’ We don’t expect you to use this vintage sailboat oil painting to transport heavy cargo. Instead hang this oil painting over your favorite console, sofa or bar counter. This schooner just wants to rest and be appreciated. And I am happy to oblige while laying on this sofa.

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vintage sailboat oil painting
Set sail with this vintage sailboat oil painting



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