Vintage Salvaged Wood Door

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You might think this is a continuation of the earlier post on egg chairs, but it’s actually about what was behind one of the egg chairs that caught my eye.

Wood doors don’t always have to meet and greet guests into your home. If you’re lucky enough to salvage a vintage wood door, think about using it inside your home. A door like this can look great as wall art or just leaning against a wall in your home. This vintage wood door was salvaged from an old home from the days when stained glass was still affordable and wood carving was not a lost art form. Worn and distressed paint with rusted iron hardware make this vintage door all the better. So next time you think you have to use a door as just a door, think twice. Knock, knock, who’s there?

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Vintage salvaged wood door and egg chair

Funky egg chair

Did I just say funky?

Back to this vintage salvaged wood door

With real vintage stained glass

Thick wood

And heavy distressed paint

Gotta love this door

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