Vintage School Chairs

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Child proof or child tested.

These vintage school chairs have definitely been child tested but they are certainly not child proof. What better way to test the durability of a chair than to use it in a classroom full of children year after year. Unfortunately, these chairs would fail safety concerns with those sharp corners but these school chairs would win vintage fans over with the cool factor.

Originally made in Tivoli, Copenhagen, these vintage school chairs are a rare find. These chairs have a unique square seat with a sharp angular wood back that rest comfortably on a sleek and delicate metal frame. Normally, this type of school chair would not withstand the test of time. Either the slender frame would be bent or the wood corners would be damaged. But if you look hard enough sometimes you can come across that great vintage find. Not only are these school chairs rare with their pale red coat of paint but to find a set of twelve chairs all intact makes them a true one of a kind vintage find. Use these school chairs in the playroom or for casual dining in the local pub. Either way, it doesn’t get more vintage than these chairs.

I really like these vintage chairs but I’m glad to finally be done with school 🙂

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Vintage school chairs

Child proof

Or child tested

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