Vintage School Chairs

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A simple school chair.

Can bring back a lot of memories. And some memories of school can be good and bad. Looking back, we spent a lot of time sitting at our desks in vintage school chairs just like this one. A class period was generally 45 minutes to an hour and once the bell rang, we got up and walked to the next classroom. And there we sat down again in a vintage school chair like this one and sat for another hour. This routine repeated itself about seven times a day leaving us with a whole lot of sitting time and not much excercise during school. I guess that’s why they introduced gym class for one period a day.

But these vintage chairs were built to last and withstand the daily wear and tear from active students. As you can see they have proven their durability with the test of time. And if these vintage school chairs could talk, we would probably hear a lot of passing secret notes, kicking feet under the desk and who was not going to the prom. Like I said there were probably some bad memories too. Not sure I would want to go back to school. But I really do like these vintage chairs.

Perfect for commercial use as these school chairs have proven to be kid strong and kid friendly.

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