Vintage School Chairs

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Time for school or time to eat?

When the bell rang and school was over we all ran home and the last thing on our mind was school. At least until the next day.

Now I can’t get enough school chairs in my home. Crowd a bunch of vintage school chairs around the kitchen or dining room table and invite friends over for dinner. Perfect for fitting a lot of people around the table, now I know why they had them in the school cafeteria too. Forget those arm chairs and big cushy seats. If you want to fit guests comfortably around the table on the holidays, pick up some vintage school chairs. Vintage school chairs can be mixed and matched with other chairs and they also compliment modern or traditional style dining tables. They also make what would be an ordinary space unique and your own.

So next time you hear the bell ring, run out and get some cool vintage school chairs.

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Time for school

Or time to eat

Vintage school chairs

There’s the bell!

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