Vintage School Maps

Road maps are almost extinct but vintage school maps are making a comeback.

Long gone are the family road trips where at some point along the way we would fumble through the glove compartment looking for a vintage road map. If you were lost those vintage maps weren’t much help anyway and how hard were they to fold them back the right way. Today we have the Garmin which is slowly becoming extinct itself with the advent of GPS built into our cell phones and even our cars. But one map that is making a big comeback is the vintage school map. When we went to school there was always a map on the wall in at least one of the classrooms. It was usually used for geography class and anything outside of the United States was completely unknown. I don’t ever remember seeing a school map like this one that depicts European countries and that isn’t even in English. But that makes this map all the better. This vintage map not only withstood the test of time but it also immigrated to the United States of America. Once used to teach basic geography to students overseas, this vintage map would now look perfect hanging in a room in your home. Use this map to cover a blank wall or to add visual interest to your space. These maps were made big with wood dowels on each end making them easy to hang and easy to put away. And who knows, maybe hanging one of these maps at home will help everyone with their geography. It always was my worst subject.

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vintage school maps
A vintage school map
vintage school maps
Immigrated to the United States
vintage school maps
To teach geography
vintage school maps
In the home