Vintage Sheet Music

This vintage sheet music brings music to my ears. That’s right if you can read music who needs the instruments. Sheet music is a printed form of musical notation that uses modern music symbols to indicate pitch, rhythm and chords of a song or instrumental musical piece. It’s just like our written language but for music. It’s used by composers to create music for recording albums, the opera, ballet, television and film. It’s hard to imagine a world void of hearing any musical scores. It permeates our everyday lives and I’m thankful for it. Where would we be without our iPhones and Apple Music.

Vintage Sheet Music

But not all composers need to read sheet music to produce great songs or ballads. In fact, there are many successful composers and singers that could not read sheet music and have proved it’s not a requirement to composing a good song. As long as they have someone to interpret their melodies into printed musical notations. It might surprise you that Irving Berlin and Paul McCartney were illiterate when it came to sheet music. They could not read or write it and instead they played and sang their songs by ear. They could hear the melody in their head and either played it or sang it. So there’s still hope for those of us that can’t read a single sheet of music. At least we can read and write our own names.

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vintage sheet music
Music to my ears



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