Vintage Ship Oil Painting

Say bon voyage to your problems every day when you hang this vintage ship oil painting. Taking a vacation now and then is good for the soul but once or twice a year sometimes is just never enough. If you’ve ever taken a cruise on a large ship you know how good it feels to wave goodbye to family and friends as you part ways at the port. Now you can relive that feeling every day when you hang this vintage steamship oil painting in any room of your home.

Vintage Ship Oil Painting

After World War II, the largest passenger fleet of steamships was operated by the French company Messageries Maritimes. The company built combination passenger and cargo ocean liners in the early 1950’s that carried tourists and cargo to ports all over the world. The steamship in this painting traveled from Antwerp, Belgium to the Far East. First class accommodations were very luxurious with a separate drawing room, smoking room, card room, bar, dining room and even a swimming pool. Ahead of it’s time, there were thirty four first class staterooms with private verandas. Tourist class had a small lounge with a dining room. And third class accommodations were designed as dormitories with cafeteria style dining. I’ll take first class please. The ship carried enthusiastic passengers on deck with French manufactured goods below in the cargo area for export to the Orient. Upon arrival to it’s destination the cargo would be unloaded and the ship would return with mass produced goods from Japan and Hong Kong. So if you can’t afford to take that cruise this year get the next best thing and hang this vintage steamship oil painting. Bon voyage.

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vintage ship oil painting
Say bon voyage with this vintage steamship oil painting



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