Vintage Ship Oil Painting

Say bon voyage to family and friends with this vintage ship oil painting. It’s a great feeling as the ship departs from the dock. Waving to family, friends and people you don’t even know. Who cares because you’re finally getting out of Dodge. The long awaited vacation on the cruise ship of your choice. No cooking, no cleaning and certainly no work for ten glorious days. At the moment I can’t think of anything much better. Break out the champagne because we’re about to have a really great time.

Vintage Ship Oil Painting

Wait a minute. I’m not leaving on a cruise ship. I’m sitting in my living room flipping through the TV channels. One minute I was cruising the stations and the next I was looking up at this oil painting. Somehow it transported me from my dull and boring living room to that once a year paradise vacation. That’s all it took. Admiring this vintage ship thinking about sailing on the high seas. Stopping at a warm caribbean island. Drinking a few exotic cocktails and back on the ship to set sail again. Next stop, the same thing. Sun on my face and drink in my hand. A little calypso music makes it even better. Pass me another alcohol induced coconut please. Job, the only job I have right now is how dark can I get. Wait a minute. Am on my living room sofa or am I on a caribbean island. I get confused. But one thing is for sure. I like this oil painting.

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Vintage Ship Oil Painting
Say bon voyage to family and friends



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