Vintage Silver Food Domes

What’s under these vintage food domes. Thanksgiving dinner of course.

Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of preparation and unless you have an army of chefs to help everything can’t be cooked at the same time. Mashed potatoes, string beans, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie and the infamous cooked turkey. It’s a lot of work and what better way to keep it all warm than with vintage food domes. Made from solid silver, these food domes are heavy and will keep the food warm until your guests are ready to sit down for dinner. Fill your dining table with vintage food domes and your dinner will not only stay warm but it will look cool too and add vintage charm to your holiday festivities. So make all your hard work pay off by spending some time decorating the dining room table. Pick up some vintage food domes and keep cooking. Now please pass the gravy.

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Cook the turkey

And keep it warm

With vintage food domes

And have a Happy Thanksgiving

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